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Located in Eurasia inland, Xinjiang, bordering on 8 countries, is the significant passageway of ancient Silk Road. Since ancient time, with lots of commercial channels and ports, Xinjiang has the close and frequent exchanges on economic and culture with Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia and Europe, etc. With the implementation of the strategy of opening-up along border, Xinjiang has been the forefront of opening to the outside world for Western China.


  Exhibitors list

Yiguang Lighting Management(shanghai) Company
Ximen Electronics
Media Lighting
Osilang Lighting
Zhuhai city, jinsheng lighting facilities company
Huizhou city Huanyu optoelectronics technology company
Shanghai Lelei optoelectronic company
Jiangsu chengying lighting facilities company
Jiangsu Chengxi electric appliance company
Zhejiang Saileite lighting electric appliance company
Longteng Lighting Group Company
Guangzhou Leiguang lamp and lighting company
Shanghai Yangbang Software technology company
Xinjiang Linggan technology company
Shenzhen city Zhongzhao technology
Xi'an Zhongzhuangweinan optoelectronic technology company
Dongrui optoelectronic company
Shenzhen guangpusheng electronics company
Jiangsu Wenrun optoelectronics company
Xinjiang Kuteya Construction project company
Urumqi pinyuan optoelectronics project company
Xia'men guangmingyuan optoelectronic technology company
Suzhou zhongze optoelectronic technology company
Guangzhou bainian optoelectronic technology development company
Shan'xi rishengyuanchuangneng technology company
Qinghai huaying optoelectronic company
Zhejiang shenghui lighting company
Baoding Yiyuan technology company
Guangzhou yajiang optoelectronic appliance company
Guangzhou zhujiang optoelectronic appliance company
Guangzhou mingdao lighting technology company
Guangzhou Huihong lighting appliance company
Hedong enterprise
Guangzhou Caiyi lighting company
Zhongshan Xinhong lamp and lighting company
Guangzhou Deluosi lighting industru company
Guangzhou Haiding Lighting technology company
Jiaxing Leiming electronic technology company
Ruian city Aodun technology company
Zhongshan city henglan town Jinyinhua lamp and lighting factory
Yangzhou Lvanxin energy-saving lighting technology company
Leqing city Chuhan optoelectronic technology company
Urumqi Keming light source Lighting company
Jiangsu yuecheng lighting appliance technology company
Jiangsu Yuandao lighting appliance company
Yangzhou Yalian optoelectronic technology company
Jiangsu Changzhou Gaoya lamp and lighting company
Xinjiang Jiasheng Sunshine wind electricity company
Fo'shan city Baojian lighting company
Guangdong Dianlishi Lighting technology company
Dongwan city Bofa optoelectronic technology company
Yangzhou city Tianxiang Street light appliance company
Zhongshan city Boshini Lighting company
Shenzhen Qicanxin optoelectronics technology company
Shanghai Hanjin lighting company
Suzhou Haosen electric technology company
Yangzhou Zhongdian solar energy technology development company
Yangzhou City Jili energy technology company

  Exhibition Information

Date:  7th -9th May 2021

Venue: Xinjiang International Expo Center 

Xinjiang R-space Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Tel: 086-991-6108088

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