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Pakistan building huge solar energy park

   Pakistan is building a huge solar energy park in the desert in a bid to tackle the country's chronic power shortages An ambitious new solar power project in Pakistan is well under way as the country attempts to tackle its crippling energy crisis.
   The government says the QuaideAzam Solar Energy Park near Bahawalpur will benefit the entire Punjab province C the largest and most populous in the country.
   The desolate area is currently being transformed and the Punjab government has spent £3 million installing initial infrastructure for the new solar energy park, which it hopes will become one largest of its kind in the world.
   We need energy badly and we need clean energy, this is a sustainable solution for years to come, said Mr Baluch.
   Pakistan is a place where you have a lot of solar potential. In Bahawalpur, with very little rain and a lot of sunshine, it makes the project feasible and more economical.
Shahbaz Sharif, chief minister of Punjab said that the project would bring an investment of more than 200 billion Pakistani rupees (£1.2 billion) to the region.
   The solar park is one of the latest energy saving projects.
   In January, it began installing a 1.8MW solar power plant at Parliament House in the capital, Islamabad.

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