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Exhibition propagandizing and popularizing

í÷Overseas advertisement: some of exhibitor of this exhibition can freely take
part in the activity of through train of China Eurasia LED Lighting Expo,
foreign media gengeralize, international circuit.

í÷ Organization unit cooperate with newspapers and periodicals in the industry, launch large-scale advertising, and issue exhibition information through Edison photoelectricity Website,
information of exhibitor will be shown at www.ealexpo.com

í÷ Base on all the previous audience datebase, develop professional audience, invite them to
this Exhibition again; meanwhile entrust media and association domestic and abroad to make
promotion and organize enterprise to visit Exhibition.

í÷ Actively give updated market information and policy to exhibitor, make further extend of
trade activity; and use own social resources and distinguished organizing ability to assist
exhibitor to hold Products promotion, make benefit maximization for exhibitors.

í÷Other public propaganda activity

Invite relevant unit to visit through the organizer

Official website spread information

Provide news to broadcasting station and periodical to let domestic and abroad
insider know the recent situation

Network marketing, update recent situation of exhibition and information, relevant information.

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