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Exhibition project:

Exhibit items of Lamp:

Decorative lighting, outdoor landscape lighting, outdoor lighting, engineering lighting, commercial lighting, civilian lighting, decorative lighting, automobile lighting, fire energency lighting, special purpose lighting, electric light source.


Exhibit items of Led:

LED lighting, LED display screen, LED advertisement light source, LED chip, LED packaging and burdening, LED backlight, LED manufacturing equipment and tester, OLED, LD,EL, laser sensor.


Exhibit items of electrical equipment:

electrician and electrical on construction, electrical accessories and electric materialsequipment transformer and electrical products power supplyinstrument and tools, electrical energy-saving device , control system and dimmer device, switch and socket, lighting control system, system integration, premises distribution system.


Exhibit items of wind-solar energy

to exhibit large-scale wind electricity,solar energy and photo-voltaic with the cooperate image, Solar photovoltaic cells componentsmaterials and inverterstorage batterycontrol circuit apparatuscable,etc. Solar photovoltaic power generation system and the project(including wind-solar complementary) ,solar-thermal power generation system and the project, solar energy water heater, Ground source heat pump system and the project.


Exhibit items of Consume Electronic:

Audiovisual equipment, multimedia, communication equipment, information production, mobile electronics and accessories, specific exhibits involves family cinema ,high definition television,digital DVC player,car audio,digital camera,personal computer,notebook computer,oalm type computer,duplicator,phone,mobile phone,navication faclty,ctc.


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