֧ާ ߧاߧ ѧӧӧѧ ߧ ٧ڧѧܧ-ӧ֧ۧܧ ӧѧӧܧ ڧܧ-ݧ֧ܧߧߧ ާݧ֧ߧߧ?
֧ݧ ӧѧӧܧ
ߧӧߧѧ ڧߧާѧڧ
ݧ ӧѧӧܧ
֧ܧݧѧާ ӧѧӧܧ

ݧѧӧߧѧ > ֧էѧӧݧ֧ߧڧ ӧѧӧܧ > ֧ݧ ӧѧӧܧ

֧ݧ ӧѧӧܧ

       ֧ѧݧڧ٧ " ӧѧէѧ " ֧ݧ֧ ܧߧާڧ ߧ֧ԧڧ ܧѧ֧ߧڧ ӧҧ. ҧ ާ ѧ ާ֧اէߧѧէߧ ݧѧާ ҧާ֧ߧ է֧ݧӧ ڧߧާѧڧ, ڧߧӧ֧ڧڧ էߧڧ֧ӧ  ާ֧اէ ӧ֧ڧ֧ݧߧާ էڧڧާ ڧѧ ѧߧѧާ ֧էߧ֧ ٧ڧ ݧߧ ާ֧ ֧ӧݧ ߧѧߧ ܧߧ֧ڧ ѧ٧ӧڧڧ, ٧էѧ ڧէѧߧߧ ڧ֧ߧڧӧѧߧߧ ҧ֧ӧ.

֧֧ާߧڧ ܧڧ- ѧ٧֧٧ѧߧڧ ݧ֧ߧߧܧ

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